Team Mission Statement

The RoughRiders want players who have dreams and aspirations of playing at the highest level possible and the work ethic and determination to make that happen.  The coaching staff for the U-18 team grades its team on how many players we are moving on, not how many banners we have hanging in the rafters.  Winning will be a product of moving players on, if you are moving a lot of players on to tier I and tier II junior A hockey odds are that you are also winning games.  We will out work every team we play regardless of the skill level and we will do everything harder, smarter and together.  We will push our kids to be the best on the ice, off the ice, and between the ears and use as many resources as possible to get our kids ready to play a higher level of hockey.

RoughRider "Team" Requirements

The 18-20 kids that make this team will all earn everything that is given to them by the coaching staff, playtime, power-play, penalty kill, first line, fourth line, etc... All the kids that play on this team have to be willing to fill a roll.  This is still a development age so roles may or may not change depending on many different aspects of both practices and games.  All players who do not want to accept the role given to them will either not play or play sparingly or be replaced by someone willing to do it.  All kids will at least practice with special teams and may or may not be able to move on or off special teams depending on performance and effort at practice, games, off-ice, or in the gym. 

All of the kids are required to have a suit and will wear them to all in state games, for tournaments we will announce to the team what the dress code will be on the road.  There will be no hats worn on the road, as well as no earrings and no hemp necklaces.  Kids are expected to keep their hair off the shoulders of their jerseys and facial hair is only acceptable for playoffs.  Each player will be required to have team shorts, tennis shoes, team shirt in their hockey/workout bags at all times.  It is also a good idea to have an extra set of steel and a sweet stick in their bags for road games or tournaments.

RoughRider Sacrifice/Discipline

Only players looking to pursue their hockey careers or education should be trying out for this team.  Any player who puts any of the following ahead of their RoughRider hockey team should not tryout; girlfriends, social life, 3rdcousins wedding, charity, video games, friends, drugs, and or alcohol.  To play hockey at the highest level sacrifice is something that will only get greater the higher you go in this game.  That list will include family and friends when you get to the Junior A level.  Discipline for any of the things listed above and or anything else we deem as unacceptable will be handled by the coaching staff and possibly the RoughRider disciplinary committee.  Any drug or alcohol violations will warrant at least a 2 game suspension but could also lead to a player being kicked off the team, kids who come forward and admit their mistakes will be handled more leniently than those who are caught by other means.  The kids on this team will be treated as men not boys, and we expect them to handle everything themselves including; emailing or calling when there is a schedule conflict, if they will be late, illnesses, etc...